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Saturday, March 13, 2010

ACN Under Investigation as a Pyramid Scam

ACN is another  MLM (multi-level marketing) company, and unfortunately (to the detriment of the under dogs / the working class) that is all it takes!!!! ....for someone to scream, "SCAM!". Really, it's sad. Realize that there is a hierarchy in everything you can relate to in life. [parents, grandparent, great grand parents / student, teacher, vice principal, principal / entry level position, supervisor, manager, all the way up to the CEO ] where in life is there not a pyramid? No one should be skeptical over becoming involved with MLMs. It's logical. Start at the bottom, build a team, and make it to the top. If you're feeling "the product", then just do it. 

Some MLMs have a start-up cost. Even franchises have those. McDonalds anyone? let's not call a business a scam, because while you were in the hype you decided to pay a $500 start-up fee. In this system of capitalism, an owner of a product or service provider sets his price. It's not unpractical to charge someone $500 for a business ownership package. Again, think about how much it costs to start-up a MC Donald’s franchise. The fees are through the roof!

ACN's service is built around video phones with video conferencing that connects by the internet. They also have affiliations with cell phone carriers, the dish network, and other services....AND the monthly fee of these services (being the recurring sale) is what enables members to earn an income on a monthly residual basis. It's not rocket science. Furthermore, it's what people want. People use a cell phone, and (at the same time) people want to get out of their current employment and be able to earn $5,000 per month or higher residual incomes from independent sales ventures. There's no scam in that. The "POTENTIAL" multi-level marketing opportunities offer is TRULY astronomical, and in some cases UNLIMITED! (see GDI)

If you went to an ACN’s presentation, liked what you saw, and bought into it, then it's up to you to communicate the value of what you saw to the point of attraction. That's basic marketing skill. If you're not doing this to your satisfaction, and you're holding your head in agony that no one's buying into what you bought can't call it a scam (for that reason). Do you receive the services that you pay for? Is it good service? When or if you do get a sale, do they pay you the way they describe in their presentation? Then it's not scam! It's unfair of you to call it one, because you're not successful at selling it. I'm sure you notice that other people are still selling it. It's like this; I can't call a class room a scam if I fail a test, especially when others are studying and passing the same test.

Put yourself in a position of learning applicable methods of advertising and sales to achieve your goals. Become in tune with the people out there, that you feel can use the service or business opportunity, and learn how to communicate with them. There are people out there who can afford to be apart of your business, who'll believe in the vision to dedicate themselves to it, and that part usually takes team work and support (in MLM's) If you paid $500 and found out that "YOU" couldn’t reach those people, you only have yourself to blame. Don't get into anything over your head. Knowledge is power! Study marketing techniques and learn from the leaders in your company, so you'll know what to do and track your progress as you gain experience doing it, so you can improve.

Here's Channel 11's investigation of ACN, which I am against, because they always make network marketing look like a pyramid scheme, and pyramid schemes look like a bad thing, in a place where people can throw all their money into lotto and its look at as an honest chance to earn, whereas at least with a pyramid scheme - with willing participants who understand "the chain", they could make their income happen. Like most things everybody won't say, yes, but everybody won't say no.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Should you go into business with family and friends?

Who needs money? We all need money, but ..."are we all ready to be in business for ourselves", is the question."

Your need to be independent to live the stress-free life you desire is your thirst. Opportunity knocked with an affordable product, giving you the opportunity to earn a legitimate income sharing it with others. The "others", according to the product presentation, is your family and friends. Sounds wonderful! ...but let me tell you, it's not that easy.

Are your family and friends good partners for the product/business you're in? Will they host events, organize team conference calls to boost team morale? Will they pass out flyers, or administrate online marketing campaigns through blogging, social networking, or possibly paid advertising? The goal in MLM's is for the team to carry the torch. Are they good carriers of the flame, the passion, the excitement, the willingness to learn ...reading the corporate site thoroughly to understand the product(s) and scale of commissions? Will they study the MLM gurus by visiting their websites and listening to their audio seminars? These are the people you need. Is that your mother, brother, sister, or friend? Can you be motivational to them, to share enough knowledge and excitement about the product to spring them into action? Because, that's your job, whether you sign up a friend or family, or old joe smoe off the street. You have to not just sign them up, you have to keep them informed and motivated.
If you can't do that, then you have to ask yourself, "Should I be in business for myself?" Being your own boss" does convey the message that says you don’t have a boss, but it doesn’t illustrate the responsibility attached to being your own business. You're still a servant. We all are.

Earning $100,000 per month is income hype, if you're not willing to do the work that comes along with it. "$100,000 per month" by itself doesn’t illustrate what you have to do to get there.  What you have to learn, and what you have to practice is what you should be conveying to family, friends, and all of your potential recruits. The work goes far beyond, just “buying” the product and sending people a video, so they can sign up to. “Having more time to spend with your kids and do what you love” is the dream, but the reality is that you'll have to make some sacrifices to get to the point, where you're making so much money that you can quit your job TO HAVE more time to spend with them. Are your family and friends willing to make that sacrifice? Are you? 

Sacrifice and discipline is what diferentiates the weak and the hyped up from the successful and true. While you’re family and friends may or may not be hyped up about any of the financial finer points to be a representative of your business, they need to know what they must sacrifice and how they must discipline themselves to get to where they want to go with your business. Your initiative is yours. They have to have their own.  

Even caring so much for them, that you want to see them do good for themselves IS NOT ENOUGH. I love the saying, “God helps those who help themselves." It's true. They have to care (for themselves) to become financially free, applying their own faith in their business. Be god-like. You can’t help those who won’t help themselves. You can not do everything for everyone. You can dream of them, but you can't dream for them.

Share your business with those who haven't lost their ability to dream and apply themselves to making their own dreams come true. To the best of your ability, introduce your product and business opportunity to their dream.

With GDI, it's easy! Whatever anyone on earth is passionate about, they can create their own website/domain name around it, and work marketing this business with whatever it is that they're currently marketing (their music, other products, their independent services, etc.). It's not hard to work GDI into the mix, and start building an additional income. We already know, everyone would say, "Amen" to that, but seek those willing to BE MEN / And WOMEN about to make the sacrifices and discipline themselves to achieve it. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Iran Puts Pryamid Selling Reps to Death!

Pyramid scheme is a commercially driven, (obviously worldwide) curse word. It reeks like profanity, as if its the absurdity of the devil himself. With so few rich and so many poor, why are the poor so afraid of the word "pyramid" as if it will make one of them (another poor person) rich and keep everybody else poor, as if it's the selfish vanity of a heartless conniving crook. A pyramid scheme is not the evil plot that people generally convey it as. Furthermore, when you embrace the legality of what is "network marketing" and "multi-level marketing"'s legal, apart from what the law defines as a pyramid scheme. Do you really think that all the American MLM businesses are pyramid scheme, so much that you should be skeptical and listen to naysayers? If it were a "pyramid scheme" by legal definition, you would see people going to jail. Don't fight the vision of becoming rich or even getting rich quick with an MLM, because you are the only thing holding you and others back, when you could be using it to help yourself and help others.

Iran's punishment for "pyramid selling" is death!!! People wake up! This isn't because it will hurt the economy. This is because it will turn the tables of the economy, turning the poor and enslaved into the rich and free. Don't imagine a world, where nobody works so nothing gets done. Imagine a world where people work at what they love, because they have the freedom to do so. Somewhere out there somebody loves to cook, so you'll still have restaurants to go to and people who love to work in them, because it's what they love.

You'll still have new inventions, because people can afford the schooling they need to pursue the technical aspects of bringing their ideas into fruition. "Pyramid selling" isn't going to hurt the economy. It would help it. Imagine a young ghetto youth having the knowledge to get rich in network marketing, rather than selling drugs. Who would sell drugs if they could get rich quick with "pyramid selling"? Only a dummy. Excuse the example because being poor doesn't dictate that one must live a life drug trafficking to do well in life. The business lacks integrity. Rich or poor is no excuse. My point was only to illustrate that for someone, who may be living that life for the money, network marketing is a practical option that is legitimate.
...I'd prefer legalized pyramid schemes (like the old-school chain letters) instead of legalized gambling (and state lottery). At least with the chain letter, you could bank on probability. If you send 500 notes out, a certain number will respond, and with those odds, the poor could actually pull themselves out of poverty. No one person would be at the top of every chain letter, and an "honest" pyramid scheme would change the flow of economy whereas the poor could distribute the power of the economy amongst themselves. where there's a government that deems death is a suitable punishment for anyone associated with a pyramid selling company - should raise the eyebrows of the rest of the world, where "at least" network marketing and MLMs are legal.

Why death?

Power to the people!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Link Building

Link building is a common SEO (search engine optimization) technique that increases a website page ranking within search engines. Link building is when people put a link to your website on their web pages. Providing quality content is the key to every online submission. Doing this will cause people to share what they encountered on your website, when it's just that good!

Another way (for you) to link build is buy posting ads on ad sites that you can post a live link to, commenting blogs, forums, groups, and message boards and leaving a signature with your URL (or entering your URL in the designated comment box), and link exchanges (trading links with others; you put my link on your page - I'll put your link on mine). These techniques help to build your search engine ranking. That's free traffic, where people can search for content related to your page and find you. This could turn into a new subscriber, or a sale.

Be attentive to building links for your website, and affiliate websites for your business opportunity. (Join me in GDI)